Monday, August 19, 2013

I am sitting here, at the Root Cellar with Jane Moody, Tracy Klouse, Harris Moody, Lisa Werner and Jesse Anderson after a long day of arts and crafts, games, and an afternoon in the park.  Monday's in the park, as it is known, consists of hamburgers, hotdogs, two types of cold drinks, fruits and goodies (today was brownies and cookies) for all to enjoy.  Plus there was face painting (Kerry and company are still there painting faces) basketball and gimp!  We had almost 50 kids for lunch and many of them earned extra points for helping out during the day.  In case you haven't heard, each child can earn money (Bible Bucks) for attending VBS, memorizing a Bible verse, helping to clean up or being a helper during arts and crafts.  Whatever the reason, each child must earn their Bible bucks if they wish to go through our "Back to School" store which is full of book bags, pencils, pens, paper, binders and anything that is remotely considered to be school supplies. This has been a real enjoyable day and, 5:49 PM, the Root Cellar is closed.  We are going to take a group photo and I will post them later.  Keep us in your prayers for a very fruitful week.
                                                                     Micah, Marcel, Matthew and Harris
                                                                                Tracy and Company

                                                                                      "Bottoms Out....."
                                                                            "Funny Face, I love you!"
                                                                                    Getting my face painted...

                                                       "Spider man, Spider man; does what ever a spider can!"
                                                                                Face painting by Danah
                                                                                      Harris and Tracy
                                                                                      Clark at the Grill
                                                                 Lisa handing out hotdogs and hamburgers
                                                                                       Harris and Jane Moody

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