Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day Two

Day one was quite chaotic for the OSLC volunteers and Staff. We brainstormed for ways to improve  grouping, locations and cut out some of the NOISE!
Today in the morning we sang songs led by Danah and Kerry. Our super helpers got all the kids  ready and settled down for the singing and Bible lesson.  Our helpers today were Max, Andrew, Noah, Micah, Marcel, Jesse and  Harris.  Their full participation really set the tone, for singing and the Bible lesson.  We talked about Jesus washing the disciples feet.  He showed us how to SERVE and LOVE  each other. This is also shown by the service and love by the staff at the Root Cellar and from and all the many volunteers.  Next we divided up fourth graders and older kids and those third  grade and under.  The older kids did games  with Danah and Jane, while the younger  did crafts with Kerry and (Denman).  After about 20 minutes the groups switched places.  Among the, younger kids was  a little Asian boy, whose his father told us he speaks no English.  He followed along when we did all our activities..  I helped him by telling him when to change chairs during the games.    Can you imagine how difficult  would be  not to know any English and come into a group of fifty noisy kids from many countries?  They seem to be mostly from Somalia and So. Sudan.  There  was one girl  Iraq.,  I have no doubt .he will soon be speaking some English.
Our lunch makers we Dan S., Bob and Sandy R. and David  They made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, plus drinks.  The best part for us is they also made all the sandwiches to take to the beach tomorrow.
The children and the OSLC helpers did a service project about an hour after lunch.  After all the daytime helpers left to go home David, Harris and I set up the "School Supply Store" for Thursday.   A huge Thank you to all the OSLC givers for all the School Supplies - it is truly an amazing gift of school supplies we will be giving.  They are being paid with fake $$ to "buy"  all the supplies learning counting $$ skills.
Last, David made us a delicious chicken dinner.  We had Peggy Hinnman join us for dinner She is one of the five paid staff members the Root Cellar.  She has a love of Jesus and all the people here.
Also, we'd like to thank Emily for help on our first day!
We thank the Lord for this special day.

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